Subjects: ancient history, archaeology, Art History, Egyptology

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Scenes from Egyptian tombs and temples serve as a significant source of information on
daily life, historical events, and the religious conceptions of their ancient makers. Many
accounts of ancient Egyptian monumental art have stressed the “timeless” nature of scenes, given
their location in sacred environments. Yet, many scenes depict specific moments in time (such as
historic battles), seasons of the year, or specific festival days. How did the Egyptians intend for
these images to function, and what messages were they attempting to convey? Taking specific
examples from Egyptian painting and relief carving, we will examine the role of space and time
concepts in Egyptian thought; how the Egyptians depicted the world around them, both inside
Egypt and beyond; unique events and their depiction; and the relation between literary and visual
narratives. We will consider the Sun Temple of King Niuserre at Abu Gurob, Queen Hatshepsut's
Punt reliefs from Deir el-Bahri, and Ramesses the Great's Battle of Qadesh, in addition to art from
various non-royal tombs. We will include a visit to the British Museum, to discuss the extraordinary
paintings from a late 18th Dynasty tomb recently reinstalled in the Egyptian galleries.

Start date:
11 July 2011
End date:
15 July 2011
Course duration: 5 days

10am - 5.15pm

Bloomsbury Summer School

Department of History, UCL
24-25 Gordon Square
United Kingdom

SUBJECTS: ancient history, archaeology, Art History, Egyptology

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