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My approach to teaching the Primary series is to present the sequence systematically maintaining the authenticity of the practice. I have a soft approach to moving through the Vinyasa, counting through each posture whilst meeting the needs of each and every individual student. I feel as a teacher I am merely a vehicle. Yoga ultimately is super consciousness. This moves through you and the students are so held.

Sometimes it is necessary we first work on Hatha therapies as to prepare for a more vigorous dynamic practice.

Astanga yoga is a challenging form of hatha yoga (one of the original branches of yoga that focuses on asanas, or physical postures). Each pose is linked to the next through a series of connecting movements called the vinyasa, allowing the body to create heat and leading to more strength and flexibility. Smooth, deep breathing (ujjayi), gaze (dristi) and locks (bandhas) are synchronized with the movements. This powerful and vigorous practice purifies and realigns the body, cultivating a feeling of inner peace, and leading to a natural state of meditation.

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HOW LONG: 2 Hours

LEVEL: Beginner

If there are more than one student then the price per person can be reduced.

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