Bring on the Explorers

"Bring on Internet Explorer", it's not something you hear often around the Science Department. Normally IE is a kind of lament, a punishment for the sins of a past life. Firefox is our browser of choice, but in this case, we are very interested in watching it fade.

Our school visitors are predominantly Firefox users. Although I am proud of that fact, it also tells us something - our audience is not the normal internet audience. Again, that is not a bad thing, but we don't want to be too far out.

Wikipedia's page on browser statistics has this graph. The blue area is Explorer and the red Firefox. That is quite a different picture to ours up above.

This all leaves us with an interesting trend to watch for How is our number of IE visitors increasing each month? I have always enjoyed watching the opposite, so this really is quite a novel experience. As this number increases we can assume that our audience is becoming more "mainstream", and when you are out to alter the way in which society views education, "The Mainstream" is the audience you want.