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People teaching Jeet Kune Do

Ollie Batts

Martial Arts Savate... instructor

Clive Whitworth

Jeet Kune Do and... instructor

Charles McGibney

Original Jeet Kune Do instructor

Terry Valler

Jeet Kune Do Kali MMA... instructor

Curtis Harvey

Martial Arts & Fitness instructor

Neil Brown

Meditation and Martial... teacher

Mark Hayes

Martial Arts & Fitness instructor

Matt Tucker

Wing Chun Kung Fu & Kali coach

Paul Chambers

Ju-Jitsu Martial Arts instructor

Alasdair Kirby

Martial Arts - Wing... instructor

Alain Pozo

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu... coach

Keith Hipkiss

Mixed Martial arts instructor

Marco Gomez

Martial Arts & Fitness instructor

Phil Nadela

Filipino Martial Arts teacher

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