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People teaching Lishi Daoist Tai chi

Lesley Newton

Lishi Daoist Tai chi teacher

Grant Heggie

Lishi Chinese Health &... teacher

Oliver Smith

Baguazhang Xingyiquan... instructor

Ho Kyung Hoebeke

Choy Li Fut Kung Fu... instructor

Ben Green

Tai Chi Yoga and... teacher

jan teer

wushu instructor

Sue Evans

Daisy Birthing... teacher

Christos Stamatiadis

Chinese Martial Arts... teacher

Wan-Ley Yeung

Lishi Tai Chi Kung Fu... teacher

Paul Lowry

Chinese Martial Arts teacher

kit ling

WingChun Self Defence instructor

Monica Baron

martial arts & kung fu... teacher

Mounir Ghost

Wushu (taolu/Sanshou) trainer
United Arab Emirates

Susan Gudjonsson

Lishi Daoist Tai chi teacher

Claire Scollan

Lishi Daoist Tai chi teacher
United Kingdom

John Garland

Lishi Daoist Tai chi teacher

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