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self defence
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People teaching self defence

Gus Oliviera

BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor

Nick Rodgers

Wing Chun Kung Fu instructor

Phil Wiskin

Tang Soo Do (Martial Art) instructor

Alun Williams

Self Defence - Total... instructor

Mark Broom

Total Body Defence Jujitsu instructor

Nick Smart

Self-defence WingTchun... coach

Clive Whitworth

Jeet Kune Do and... instructor

Charles McGibney

Original Jeet Kune Do instructor

Paul Lowry

Chinese Martial Arts teacher

Alan Ellis

Tai Chi - Self Defence... trainer

Larry Tuck

Chinese Martial Arts teacher

Monica Baron

martial arts & kung fu... teacher

Louis Thompson

Self Defence/Martial Arts teacher

Marc Rowley

Combat / Self Defence instructor

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