Joe Harte

Taijiquan teacher

Based in
Durham, United Kingdom
Also teaches in elsewhere - workshops by arrangement
Joe Harte | Taijiquan teacher

Rates: £60 per Qtr or £6 per class. FT Students 30% disc

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Taiji - Tai Chi - TaiJi Quan - Tai chi Chuan - Taijiquan

Traditional Taiji classes - see website for full details and class venues and times.

Cost £60 per calendar quarter - 1 class per week. (or £6 per class to check us out)

Choose either Tues or Thurs evenings.
The classes are structured to introduce you to the fundamentals of the 5 Loosening exercises and the first section of the Cheng Man –Ch’ing 37 movement Form – referred to as the Short Form.
From day one you will begin to work on postural alignment, and tension release within the muscles learning to identify the areas that you as an individual need to work on.
At this early stage we also include partner work for sensitivity training, and meditation as we sow the seeds for your continued Taiji journey.
The classes are open to all of enquiring mind who are prepared to make a little self motivated effort to learn - we can guide and help you but we cannot do it for you – we must all walk the path for ourselves.

Please contact JOe (e mail below) to register your interest stating which class you wish to attend.

Traditional Taiji classes following the methods of the late Master Huang Sheng Shyan. Please see website for further information:

Also advisable to read my teacher’s website to get a flavour of where the teachings are coming from:

Huang Sheng Shyan was a disciple of Cheng Man-Ch’ing who was himself the famous student of Yang Cheng Fu.

It takes roughly 4 to 5 years to put the Forms, CMC 37 (Short Form), YCF 108 (Long Form), & SanFengQuickFist (Fast Fighting Form) reasonably into place along with Master Huang’s 5 Loosening Exercises and 18 fixed pattern pushing hands as we look for the depth in each. After that as we continue the training shifts from the 5 outer senses to emphasise the 5 inner senses and go deeper.

As an old Yogi said
“to find water in the desert - pick a reasonable place and keep digging, rather than run around creating endless shallow holes”
Only those prepared to make some effort are welcome.

As well as the Traditional Taiji classes there are also the vibrant and intelligently blended KickBox+plus classes that suit people of a more vigorous nature.

Progressive, Intelligent training.

Group Classes

KICKBOX+plus Class, Sedgefield

Boxing - Kickboxing - JKD - FMA - Kali - Jujitsu - Taiji

An intelligent martial art based on Boxing and Kickboxing skills but not limited to such as it draws on influences from other practical systems, in particular FMA / Kali.

We explore themes in cycles so that people get a chance to become familiar with and drill a particular aspect before moving on to something else. This way the next time we cycle back through that particular theme people have a greater fluency with it can work it at a higher level. In this way we are continually improving our skills and learning to integrate themes that flow from one to another.

For Example, boxing parry's that flow into strikes, that flow into trapping, into arm bars, into takedowns, into locks and immobilisation.
Each part trained separately and then appropriately flows from one to another and back as circumstances dictate.
And what’s more - we have a lot of FUN!

The classes are suitable for male and female adults.

Please see website for further details.

It's a: 
Sedgefield Scout Hall
Sedgefield, Durham, TS21 2BW, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
WED 7.15 - 9.15pm Ken. FRI 6 - 8pm Joe.
£5 per 2 hour class

TAIJI - School Aycliffe Nr Newton Aycliffe

Traditional Taiji training for Development of Inner Strength and Harmony
of Mind, Energy and Body. See description at top of page & website for details.

It's a: 
Oak Leaf Sports Complex
School Aycliffe, Co. Durham, DL5 6QZ, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
Tues 7- 8.30

TAIJI Class, Houghall College, Durham

Traditional Taiji training for Development of Inner Strength and Harmony
of Mind, Energy and Body. See description at top of page & website for details.

It's a: 
Houghall college
Durham, Durham, DH1 3SG , United Kingdom
Date and time: 
Thurs 7- 8.30


In Brief....

Joe Harte
Born 1961.
1975 began Judo training.
1977 at the age 16 began seriously training in Kung Fu with Joe Holmes of SKFA, London.
1982 awarded a senior grade and began running classes.
Mid 80’s competed in numerous full contact kick boxing competitions.
Late 80’s began exploring other arts including JuJitsu under Prof. Dick Morris.
1989 moved to North England.
1991 began Taiji with Dan Russell MA. Northern School of Tai Chi Chuan, Carlisle.
1995 began Taiji with Patrick Kelly, No Name Taiji - World wide.

Bits of Paper:
Certified Instructor and Long time student of Patrick Kelly,
Advanced level instructor with the Tai Chi Union of GB,
First Aid Qualified
Fully Insured BKA license holder

More Importantly:
He continues his studies in Taiji with Patrick A Kelly attending international seminars and considers himself a life long student of Taiji.

You are welcome to come and see if what we do suits you.

Aug 2009


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.


Like any discipline, without question, only those who are prepared to make some effort and practice a little outside of the class will make progress and gain the most from what is taught.
You are welcome to come and see what we do.

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