John Richards

Karate & Kick Boxing instructor

Based in
Birmingham, United Kingdom
Also teaches in UK Sutton Coldfield Newt own Didbeth Eardington
John Richards | Karate & Kick Boxing instructor

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My name is Kyoshi John Richards and I'm the Chief Instructor at the Zen-Shin
Black Belt Academy. We are the largest martial arts school in the
area and part of one of the biggest martial arts organisations in
the UK. But less about us, and more about you. I'm pleased that you
have registered your interest in martial arts with us, and I hope
you take the next step and visit our school, take a lesson and see
for yourself how martial arts can help you.

Martial arts is an amazing way to change your life for the better and
we have many success stories including our own: lives transformed
through martial arts training. Building fitness, weight loss,
self defence, confidence, becoming a black belt or even making a
career as a professional instructor.

Now my question for you is this: are you serious about martial arts
training? Are you really serious or have I caught you just surfing
the web? If you are serious then I want to meet you and I hope you
will take advantage of our 14 day trial membership to get you started
or even better come and let us pay for your first lesson and then
accept our offer getting enrolled straight away.

If you haven't already, phone now on 0121 233 2577 to book your first
lesson and see first hand what martial arts can do for you.
Best wishes

Chief Instructor Kyoshi John Richards
Zen-Shin Black Belt Academy


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

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