We believe

  1. Everyone has something to teach.

    Everyone, yes everyone, has something they can teach someone else.
  2. Everyone has their own way of learning.

    It’s better to learn in the way you want to. You know what suits you best.
  3. Learning is better with friends.

    People are brilliant, inspiring, generous and smart. Being with others makes it easier and enjoyable to learn more.
  4. You should never stop learning.

    You can keep learning whatever your age, far beyond your school days.
  1. Education shouldn’t be expensive.

    With a bit of ingenuity you can learn new things without spending lots of money.
  2. All subjects are important.

    Learning is learning, and learning is good. Knowing how to rewire a plug is just as valuable as understanding inverse trigonometric functions.
  3. Qualifications are overrated.

    A good education is about the things you learn along the way, not a fancy bit of paper.
  4. The real world is better than the internet.

    Step away from your computer please. Getting out and trying new things is better than being sat at a desk all day.

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