Come and teach in a tree!

If you go down to the park this summer, you might get a big surprise - at least if it's Regents Park in London.

The Treehouse Gallery

A pair of large treehouses and a surrounding village have appeared beside the boating lake. The Treehouse Gallery is the work of some of the artists who organised the Temporary School of Thought, back in January, and over the next few weeks it will host all kinds of workshops, discussions and events.

Lots of School of Everything folk have already been involved in the first couple of weeks of treehouse activities - the multi-talented Rachel Rose Reid was the star of the opening night, with her storytelling; while last weekend, our occasional psychologist-in-residence Tom Stafford gave a great talk on 'Technologies of the Mind'.

This weekend, the theme is 'The Roots and Shoots of Knowledge'. On Saturday at 5pm, I'll be giving a talk on Ivan Illich's 'Deschooling Society', one of the books that inspired this site. Then at 6.30, we're hosting a discussion about the varieties of schooling, with speakers talking about their experiences in and out of the mainstream education system.

There will also be workshops going on all day - and we're inviting any School of Everything teachers who would like to come down and give a taster lesson to join us!

If you're interested in teaching in a tree, drop me a line at:

[email protected]

Or just come along and join in.

(Oh, and as if that wasn't enough, you can also join The Beekeepers and friends for a day of Pirate Adventures this Sunday, starting at Blackfriars Bridge at 2pm and converging on the Treehouse Gallery for 5pm. Details are here.)

Don't be shy, say hello. We'd love to hear from you.

[email protected]