The Five-Minute Teach

The 2gether08 Festival of Ideas and Action kept Everyone busy last week. Alongside a packed programme of talks and workshops (including one on social entrepreneurship and government that included Paul) the Fringe events took a playful approach to bringing people together.

At the Fringe, School of Everything hosted The Five-Minute Teach, a series of mini-sessions where people taught something you wouldn't expect them to teach. The only rule was: you have to be able to teach it in five minutes.

Mecca Ibrahim taught us how to save a fortune on microwave popcorn by making it in a paper bag.

Here's what was left of the popcorn very soon afterwards.

Tom Taylor taught 8 Ways To Find Out Where You Are (including how to magnetise a needle if you don't have a magnet). (Here's the presentation he made.)

(Photo originally by Aleksi Aaltonen (Thanks, Aleksi!)
Ben Matthews taught Business Card Origami. Click here for an audience video of his session.

Thanks also to Lucy Wills (teaching Open Sauce), Safiya Ahmed and Dom Campbell (teaching The Perfect Cup Of Tea), Jess and everyone at 2gether08 for lettings us do it, and everyone else who joined in the fun.

Videos to follow...

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