Get a Masters in Motown

Happy Birthday Motown! Today's the 50th anniversary of the most legendary record label of all time. To celebrate, here's a little musical treat:

Interestingly, Motown was the only record company to send their artists to School! Check out this interview with Martha Reeves, talking to her teacher Prof Maxine Powell about the unique Motown education.

If that's got you inspired to learn more, School of Everything might be able to help. You can pick the brains of Motown enthusiast Tim Evans, aka Tamla Tim: "If you want to know about a particular soul record, want to know about the glory of Motown, want some tips on where to start buying and/or listening or want to know what that soul tune in your head is, the one that goes ‘do do da do do’ in the intro and says something about fish in the chorus, then I’m your Soul Man."

There's also bass guitar teacher Peter Bennie in South East London, who's played in a band doing Motown material - while it's one of the many styles offered by guitar and bass teacher Alisdair MacRae Birch over in New York.