Let's do lunch

Other than in the very early days of School of Everything we've always worked in Bethnal Green in east London. That's mainly Geoff Mulgan's fault because he offered us some free office space in the Young Foundation building. It's a wonderful place, full of interesting projects and organisations and surrounded by a few cafes which we used to frequent on a regular basis.

As the credit crunch hit and we started to get a little bit bored of local eateries, I happened to get invited over to ThinkPublic for lunch. I though it was lovely that they all ate lunch together in the office and decided we should try it at Everything HQ. So we had a go the next week. We all put in a tenner and I popped along to the supermarket to stock us up for the week. The problem was we managed to eat pretty much a whole week's budget in one day. Not great.

It took Pete to bring a bit of financial discipline to the situation and realise that we needed to do it each day. So now we all put in £3 if we're 'in for lunch' and a different person each day pops to the shops, somebody lays the table and somebody else does the washing up. And we've been doing it now for 18 months.

It's mainly a cheap way to have a very healthy lunch but there have been lots of extra benefits. We have incredibly few internal meetings because we can just chat over things at lunch and it also gives us the chance to meet people we'd like to work with in a friendly way rather than in a formal meeting. So if you've got basic facilities (you really just need a sink to do the washing up and somewhere to eat), why not give lunch club a go where you work? And if you do, take a photo and pop it up on Flickr with the tag 'lunchclub' and tell us how you get on.

Don't be shy, say hello. We'd love to hear from you.

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