MARCH IS GREEN: One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, More!

One in three children do not know what chips are made from! This is more than a little worrying to me.

I know that chips are made from potatoes, I made some once. I also know where potatoes come from and I don't mean Tesco, my grandparents had a vegetable patch in their garden and I used to help out (well as much as you can at age 5). All I need to know now is how exactly, do I grow my own spuds? Luckily we have Audrey Miller imparting 'grow your own' wisdom on her Scrapbook.

In our newsletter we announced that MARCH IS GREEN here at School of Everything. So if you know anyone who enjoys pottering at the bottom of the garden, encourage them to sign up and share their wisdom with other School of Everything members.

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