New investment for School of Everything!

We're very pleased to announce a new round of investment for School of Everything.

Tim Jackson, founder of and LendAround, has become an investor and joined the board of the company. Channel 4 has followed up its initial investment through its new innovation fund 4iP and Sean Park and Geoff Mulgan join existing investors Rocco Pellegrinelli and the Young Foundation in this round.

We're very excited because it means we'll be able to continue to grow School of Everything both in the UK and internationally, helping more people find new things to learn near them.

It's so gratifying to know that an amazing group of people and organisations are backing us and helping us make the big idea of School of Everything a reality.

About our investors:

4iP is an innovation fund that aims to re-invent how publicly-valuable content is conceived, funded and delivered on new media platforms. The project, first announced as part of Channel 4’s Next on 4 strategic blueprint, is a collaboration between Channel 4 and a series of regional development agencies and funding partners around the UK. Submissions can be made to 4iP via its website.

Esther Dyson is an active investor in a variety of disruptive start-ups. Her investments have included Flickr and, both sold to Yahoo! and Medstory, sold to Microsoft. Currently, she sits on the boards of 23andMe, Meetup, WPP Group,, Evernote, Boxbe and Yandex, the leading Russian search company.

Tim Jackson founded QXL, the UK-based online auction site that went public in 1999 at a valuation of around $400 million. He's now launching and growing a U.S. based DVD lending site called LendAround. Tim is a former journalist with the Financial Times and Independent and was the managing director of the Carlyle Internet Partners Europe Fund.

Geoff Mulgan is Director of the Young Foundation. Between 1997 and 2004 he had various roles in the UK government including director of the Government’s Strategy Unit and head of policy in the Prime Minister’s office. Before that he was the founder and director of the think-tank Demos, described by the Economist at the time as the UK’s most influential think-tank.

Sean Park is a founding investor in innovative companies such as Betfair and WeatherBill and has extensive experience investing in and advising start-up and high growth companies in addition to over 16 years of experience working at a senior level in capital markets and investment banking.

Rocco Pellegrinelli created Brainpower in 1993 and acted as CEO and Chairman leading the company’s growth in the competitive financial software area and establishing it as one of the top portfolio applications provider on an international scale. After taking the company public at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 2000 he successfully sold Brainpower to Bloomberg in June 2006. He founded Imaginventure in 2006.

JP Rangaswami is Managing Director of BT Design. He was born in Calcutta and lived there for half his life before emigrating to the UK. Originally an economist and financial journalist, he describes himself as an "accidental technologist". He blogs at Confused of Calcutta.

The Young Foundation is a centre for social innovation and investment based in London, with a 50 year track record of success in creating new organisations - public, private and non-profit - as well as influencing ideas and policies.

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