School of Everything: Unplugged!

I've just written a long post on my personal blog about School of Everything: Unplugged! - the meetups which Tony Hall and I are going to be running on Wednesday mornings in London. You can read the whole thing here. The short version is that I'm hoping these meetups can be one way of keeping us connected to the longer term vision for education which Pete wrote about a few weeks ago - and to the experimental, improvisational learning culture of the projects that School of Everything came out of.

We need to focus on building the technology and the business that will ensure this site is viable in the long term. But none of us went into this simply to build a website or a company. Unplugging from the office and hanging out face-to-face with anyone who wants to come along seems like one way of getting back to our roots.

Over the next few weeks, I'll be there every Wednesday from 10.30 till 12.30 in the Foyer of the Royal Festival Hall on the South Bank. Other members of Team Everything will be coming down, so it will be a chance to talk about what the site should do next - and to get a makeover for your profile, or help with creating one. But it can equally become a space to discuss other possibilities for free-schooling, deschooling and e-schooling, to share ideas and experiences. What happens depends on who comes along.

You can bring your laptop and work off the Southbank Centre's free wifi, or just come and hang out with us for the morning. And if you have other ideas about what we should do with these meetups, let me know.

Directions to the Royal Festival Hall are here. Once inside, we'll be in the foyer area, to the left of the dance floor, from 10.30 till 12.30. I'll take the big orange furry Every Thing along to make us easy to spot - but if you have difficulty finding us, give me a ring on 07810 650213.