Science Department Log - 2009 Week 9

What's new under the hood on School of Everything. We have been a bit slow at writing about what we are doing down in the engine room, but this is the beginning of a plan to be a little more vocal. (We have taken the lead from Meetup's release blog.) We'll have a go at getting one of these posts out each week - but I'm not promising anything. Here we go ....

Massive optimisation of the subject page loading

School of Everything is now significantly faster. A little bit of under the hood optimisation has meant that our subject pages load, on average, two to three times as fast as they were a week ago. It's a huge relief, and makes the site so much more enjoyable.

Search will now look in your local area first

We have altered search to look locally for logged in users. This will hopefully give our members slightly better results. With this in place, we have also become a little clearer about exactly what is being displayed in our results.

The Forum

I fought it for months, but eventually lost, we now have a forum. Somewhere in the early 90s I must have had some trauma that made forums hurt me, so I did put up a lot of resistance. Anyway, a lot of my foruphobia may be ungrounded so I will learn to cope. The forums create a space where we hope people will begin to debate, criticize and compliment.

Profile Completeness

The nag. We have an evil scheme to get members to add more to their profiles by prodding them for more info. It's not really that bad, and we really do believe that everyone has something to teach - they just need a little push.

Some small bits

- A new announcement block
- User home page scrapbook now includes teaching subjects
- Automatic location detection on signup

Important Bug fixes

- Fixed the subject/place links (again)
- Removed the "in the world" that snuck back in on global subject pages
- Jquery Fix for Collapsible fieldsets in forms
- Mini icons for users without pictures
- Fixed the names of subjects and places in the sidebar on subject pages

Don't be shy, say hello. We'd love to hear from you.

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