Slang lessons

Claire and I were in a charity shop by the office, buying suits for the next Formal Friday, and overheard the assistants giving the new Japanese assistant lessons in London slang. Here are a few terms, for those who aren't sufficiently 'street' to know them already:

'peng' = good/hot
'butters' = bad/ugly (As in "dem beats is butters man")
'nang' = good
'sick' = also good
'sket' = a slut, a sexually promiscuous girl

Also enjoyed their exchange with their six-year old sister:
- 6yo: "Why can't I say 'sket'?"
- Sister: "Um... because it's offensive"
- 6yo: "What does 'offensive' mean?"

Ah, the ways we learn...

A quick web search directed me to these sites if you want to know more:
* The London Slang Dictionary
* The Double-Tongued Dictionary

Any slang teachers out there interested in signing up and teaching us old folks a lesson?

Don't be shy, say hello. We'd love to hear from you.

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