Touch typing everything

We spend all our time typing, but can we touch type? We decided to find out.

Here are a few of us at Everything HQ attempting to type our names with our eyes closed:

abFWWR FTAWALI (that's Sangeet Gyawali)
ANDY GIBDON (that's me)
claoew kedxals (Claire Medcalf)
david pdw|dw (Dave O'Dwyer)
peter btoenrll (Peter Brownell)
Russell Blakeborough (show off)

And here's Claire, teaching herself how to do it:

Claiee medxalf
Clsire medca;d
Claiew medcsld
Claire medcaof
Claiee medcaod
Claire meda
Claire medcaod
Claire medcaod]
Claire medcald
Claire medcaopd
Claire medcaod
Claire medcallk
Claire medcalf
Claire medcalgffffffff
Claire medcalf

Well done Claire.

Pete's trumped us all thought and got himself a nice piece of kit to help him learn: a keyboard with no markings...

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