Wednesday mornings on the South Bank

So yesterday we had our first School of Everything morning meetup at the Southbank Centre!

We were a small group, but perfectly formed. Besides me, there was: Tony Hall, our favourite photography teacher and the man who's initiative it was to organise a meetup; Katerina Symiakaki, who comes from Greece and is studying Innovation Management at St Martin's College; and Vinay Gupta, the inventor of the hexayurt, who joined the site during the meetup and is now offering his services as a Meditation and Appropriate Technology Swami.

Conversations ranged from different styles of teaching and the possibilities of empty shops as learning spaces, to ideas for film plots and a discussion of the social possibilities of dog-walking. (Katerina confirmed that it was a good way to meet girls, but recommended borrowing no more than one dog at a time - or two, if you can find a matching pair.)

The Foyer of the Royal Festival Hall turns out to be a great location. There's lots of space, it's not too noisy, there's free wifi and you can hang around for as long as you want without any pressure to buy anything from the cafe. It's also such a wide open space that you can spot people from a distance, so finding the right group is not too intimidating. (I took along the big orange furry Every Thing to make us easy to spot.)

So we've decided to carry on meeting up there for the next few weeks and see what happens. If you're free on Wednesday mornings, come and join us for coffee, conversation and/or co-working. We've started a Meetup group, so you can sign up there for updates - and to let us know you're coming, so we know to look out for you!