What they don't teach you in school.

Last week my toilet broke. I phoned the landlord right away, but it was going to take a while to get it fixed (even though it was just the flush that broke). So we were left in a bit of a situation. What should we do in the meantime? Cross our legs and pray for a plumber?

The next day - and I'm not quite sure how it came up in conversation at work - Andy pointed out that "all you need to do is pour a bucket of water down the bowl to flush it, that's what the flush does anyway." Which was great to know, and I didn't have to have a loo full of poo for the foreseeable future; but I also felt complete frustration and shame that I didn't know something this obvious already. I'm not stupid. I'm no Einstein but I have been blessed with sufficient common sense to get me this far. So why didn't I know it? Thankfully none of my housemates seemed to know this trick either - so I could pass my learnings on and enjoy their amazement at my apparently infinite wisdom. But my point is, you don't just 'know' stuff - you are taught.

We can't rely on school and university to teach us everything: We have to teach each other - passing on knowledge down the generations and amongst ourselves. I spent three years at university studying Graphic Design and they truly were the best three years of my life. My tutors were the wisest and most inspirational souls I've ever met and I am very grateful to have been taught by them. But the lesson that sticks in my mind most is being taught how to 'siphon-off' using a straw by a friend when my Dark Rum and Ginger Ale was overflowing in the union bar.

I wonder what important life lesson I will learn tomorrow? Pint anyone?

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