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Subjects: acting, Drama, musical theatre, performance, performing arts, Singing ...
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This professional development course focuses on evolving, encouraging and refining your existing vocal, acting and dance skills and presenting this to the wider Musical Theatre Industry. The part-time nature of the course allows you to continue your regular work whilst taking the opportunity to develop and polish your skills. The primary objective of the course is to prepare you for work and for auditions, build your confidence and build an excellent audition folder. You will be exposed to industry professionals who will help you work towards your goal of building a successful and extensive career.

You will be on a dynamic and rigorous schedule over an intensive 7 months. A key ethos of our training is allowing you to focus and develop in accordance with your individual needs. You will be working with eminent theatre practitioners including Directors, Musical Directors, Vocal Coaches, Choreographers, Casting Directors, Agents, Composers, and Performers. You will take part in an Industry Showcase in Central London at the end of this process, in front of an invited audience of Casting Directors and Agents.


Applicants must be over 18 to apply.
Performers recently graduated from Drama School or University.
International performers wishing to experience authentic London training.
Performers wishing to re-focus their career.
Seasoned performers looking for a safe space to work on their skills.
Dancers and Actors with a reliable singing ability and some performance experience, wishing to expand their casting in the performing arts industry.


The purpose of the course is to focus on the advanced skills and techniques required to connect all aspects of your performance into a more holistic and engaging experience for the audience. The focus of this course is on you as an individual performer and connecting to your place in this industry. On top of developing your triple threat skills, you will explore the business side of the industry and how to get the most out of the experiences within it. The culmination of this course is the London Industry Showcase, where you have the opportunity to pitch yourself to some of the top Agents and Casting Directors in the UK.


Acting lies at the heart of every good Musical Theatre Performance. This course will build on your previous training and experience. You will look at a variety of acting approaches and techniques with a number of expert Practitioners, Directors, Voice Teachers and Writers. There will be a focus on integrating skills to prepare you for the professional industry. You will also consider your casting and marketing strategy as a professional artist.

Areas of Work Include:

Text Class: Including works from both Classical and Contemporary Drama.
Acting Technique: Looking at the approach of a variety of practitioners which can include Stanislavski, Uta Hagen, Stella Adler, Stanford Meisner and Mike Alfreds. You will create a tool-box of techniques you can draw on to create a truthful performance.
Voice classes: Voice work includes learning the basic techniques of the actors voice such as: Resonance, Articulation, ‘Forward Placement’, Breath Control and work on RP and General American accents.
Scene Study: Putting your technical skills into practice you will work on scenes from set plays with a director.

Singing and Music:

The study of singing and music is fundamental to developing into a professional Musical Theatre Artist. On this course you will focus on developing your working knowledge of the voice. You will continue to explore the development of your individual vocal identity and how to best use that in a professional performance context. You will work on technique from the point of view as an artist and look at how your choices impact the journey of the character and the drama of the piece. Developing those choices will bring greater clarity to your overall performance. You will work with Musical Directors, Singing Teachers and Vocal Coaches on a range of Singing and Music Classes. You also have the option to book individual lessons with one of our top Singing Teachers (additional costs apply) to help bring out your potential.

Areas of Work Include:

Vocal Technique: You will build the vocal, physical and mental strength, flexibility and stamina required to succeed in the competitive singing industry, through gaining and rigorous practice regime.
Repertoire: Learn how to find appropriate songs from across the breadth of the Musical Theatre genre. Understand how to cut and present sheet music required for professional auditions.
Vocal Performance: Work with Musical, Movement and Acting Directors to develop your individual performance by acting through song.
Audition Technique: Working with Musical Directors, Agents and Casting Directors you will gain greater understanding of the techniques behind successful singing auditions, including how to cut for 32-bar auditions.
Performance Confidence: Work through the common problems of anxiety and lack of confidence in a safe, nurturing environment.

Dance and Movement:

Building your understanding of dance and movement will underpin the physical work required for the other disciplines. We stream our dance classes to allow you to work at the level suitable for your current experience and skill level and use the training to bring out the best in you. You will look to build your strength, flexibility and stamina through the rigorous nature of the classes. You will also work on the skills required to pick up audition routines quickly and with precision, giving you more flair and connection within the audition room. You will work with a range of Dance Practitioners, Choreographers and Movement experts on a wide range of classes.

Areas of Work Include:

Dance Technique: You will work on a range of dance techniques from Ballet to Jazz and Contemporary Dance. Building your language of the body and how to use it.
Musical Theatre Routine: Working with choreographers and current West-End performers, you will explore the different styles and genres of dance and movement within the world of Musical Theatre which may include work inspired by choreographers and practitioners including: Agnes de Mille, Bob Fosse, Gene Kelly, Michael Bennett, Jerome Robbins, Twyla Tharp and Matthew Bourne.

Our industry classes form a core component of our Musical Theatre Industry Course. These classes are about providing you greater access to the decision makers within the industry and giving you the opportunity to gain greater insight from a range of professionals currently working in the West End and beyond. You will also engage with performance entrepreneurship to hone the ‘hidden skills’ of the performer such as CV writing, marketing, headshots, networking and personal health and well-being. You will work with a range of people from the industry including: Casting Directors, Agents, Musical Directors, Directors and current successful Artists.

Areas of Work Include:

Casting Workshops: Including sessions with Agents, Casting Directors and Industry experts
Marketing: Teaching you the skills necessary to become an independent professional performer including: How to write a good industry standard CV, getting your head shots right, writing to agents and understanding theatre terminology and etiquette.

Industry Showcase: In your second term you will work with a full creative team on constructing a performance for an invited audience of top UK Agents and Casting Directors. You will perform individually and have the opportunity to provide your CV and Headshot for interested professionals. Many of our students are signed by Agents from these events and go on to have successful careers.

Cabaret: In your third term you will work on devising, creating and rehearsing a Cabaret together with the other participants on your course. You will be working with a Musical Director and a Director. There will be a performance for friends, family and some industry guests in a London Cabaret venue.

*please note all course content is subject to change.

Start date:
20 September 2020
End date:
30 June 2021
Course duration: 1 Year

Mondays: 09:30 – 17:30
Tuesdays: 09:30 – 17:30

Associated Studios

204 Latimer Road
W10 6QY
United Kingdom

SUBJECTS: acting, Drama, musical theatre, performance, performing arts, Singing

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