Carmel Advisors reveals 9 exercises to improve your concentration at work

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Carmel Advisors reveals 9 exercises to improve your concentration at work in a stock exchange market

Family concerns, emergencies, fear of failure Unable to concentrate. Yet, you must complete this difficult issue, prepare this delicate maintenance animate this key meeting. CARMEL Advisors How to empty your head and mobilize its neurons and energy ?

New exercises to improve your concentration at work

Our brain is sought by many information and it can only handle one at a time optimally. Carmel advisors To improve concentration, it must be free of parasites emotions and act by activating the five senses.

The concentration is to mobilize your mental and physical faculties of a subject or action. But Carmel advisors llc san diego in california our brain is sought by many information and it can not handle one at a time optimally. It is therefore to monopolize, releasing emotions and parasites by causing to act by activating the five senses. By doing this you will also gain in performance. Here are nine exercises to be performed before and during the work.

1. Identify the attentional style

The researcher Robert Nideffer, keen on sport psychology, carmel advisors observed that the attention of the athlete is characterized by two dimensions: scope, wide or narrow depending on whether it is focused on one or more information, management, internal or external depending on whether it is centered on the thoughts and feelings, or an event or an external object. Four possible preferences. Example for a footballer. 1 / narrow - internal: I mentally repeats a penalty. 2 / narrow - width: I visualize five passes on the field. 3 / external - narrow: I visualize the goal. 4/externe-large: I visualize all the land. To each your own inclination. Better knowledge to improve your training.

2. Focusing on breathing

Sit or stand with your back propped up on the seat or firmly on two legs, carmel advisors inhale and exhale at your normal pace ten times, while remaining attentive to your breath. You bring your emotional state to a standstill.

3. Attaching an object, just the object

Isolated in your office or waiting patiently before a debate, oblige you to zoom in on an object, preferably neutral ( not a photo of a loved one or a holiday souvenir ), pen, phone, chair. .. And this for a minute. What is long. Scan all the details, contours, color, texture, smell, and forbid you to think about something else.

4. The object. .. and its surroundings

As before, look at a single object but you linger. Fix it 20 seconds, no more, then expand the focus, examine that surrounds the wall, the table on which it rests, the green plant next etc.. This gym is effective for all creative work. So you have your mind to go beyond a specific point and to browse in unexpected corners to facilitate the association of ideas and innovation.

5. Listening to music

For hearing, it is an interesting aid. There are two ways to use. 1 / Play a song or a song that will put you in the proper emotional state with the situation. If you perform a soft crop with a collaborator, choose a concerto. If you need to win a contract with a stubborn buyer prefer rock.2 / Isolate in your listening instruments - piano, guitar, drums, one after the other. Your attention will be sharpened.

6. Count in your head

7x2 = 14, 7x3 = 21, 7x4 = 28. .. remember your multiplication tables, doing mental arithmetic, subtraction, division, logical series of numbers. This is a really good method because the brain is so busy with this activity. Only mechanical and repetitive movements are possible simultaneously: pedaling a bike, swim, do pushups. Another advantage, exercise duration is elastic depending on your mood.

7. Slow gestures

Do you make a bubble of open concentration. That is not closed to the world, if any questions will be experienced as an assault. Before a capital maintenance at 10am or writing a sensitive report, get up in the morning and take your time: dress up slowly, enjoy the shower, give yourself half an hour for breakfast and not 15 minutes, walkers etc.. You then enter the next phase, senses alert, having saved your energy.

8. See the place of the action

This technique used by athletes before competition works well before taking a public speaking, negotiation or a complex issue. This is repeated 3 or 4 times the scene mentally, in real time and by viewing the details ( decor, ambience, microphone or other tool ) and all the steps to a successful conclusion. A leader and feared to be destabilized at a meeting by critics of your peers on its CSR policy. He watched the film in your head, and found replicas. I D day, when feared, he was able to say staying in her.

9. Find the switch and activate it.

carmel advisors Log in that mental video ( or exploring your past ) a sensory stimulus that connects you to the memories of success. A kind of switch off / on, called switch by sports coaches, which soothes and pronto triggers positive energy and a maximum concentration. This may see the color pink, say a specific word - I can. , Attack! - Or shake your fist. And Zinedine Zidane before each game, always put on your left sock before the right.

SUBJECTS: Carmel Advisors LLC san diego

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