AAMET Approved Level 2 Training in EFT

Subjects: complementary therapy, EFT, Energy Psychology, holistic work, Personal Development, Practitioner level ...

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92 Castle Lane
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United Kingdom

EFT Level 2 - Training to Practitioner Level.
Christine Sutton and Philip Davis are experienced AAMET registered Level 3 practitioners and trainers in EFT. All courses conform to the current AAMET guidelines for content and are certificated.

Venue: Solihull
This course is suitable for candidates who have completed Level 1 training, and feel ready to expand their understanding of energy work and their range of techniques.

We welcome students who have previously trained with other trainers.

2 Day Training. 10am-5.30pm both days.

Course Fee: £240
(plus a £30 marking and assessment fee for students who wish to complete the requirements for AAMET EFT Practitioner certification. This fee is payable at the time of submission of work for assessment)

Book this course at the same time as level 1 training and receive a 10% discount. Total for level 1 and 2 booked together is £324.00

This 2-day EFT workshop will take you beyond the level of interested amateur to a professional level of work. It is suitable for therapists, healers, coaches, counsellors and health care workers and will prepare you to practice EFT professionally with confidence and success.

Session contents include:
• Review of Level 1 topics as required by students

• Basic Safety for self and client

• Introduction to Rapport and Calibration skills

• Additional tapping points

• Introduction to intuitive testing

• More on working with Physical issues.

• Introduction to working with Trauma

• Additional tapping techniques

• Identifying and working with Limiting beliefs and Tail Enders

• Ways to inject more gentleness into the procedure

• Ways to find Core Issues

• Introduction to working with Phobias

• Introduction to working with Addictive states

• Introduction to Surrogate work

• More on Testing Results including working with the Emotional scale

• Working by Telephone or Skype

• Delivering EFT in groups and Borrowing Benefits

• Working with children

• Working with animals

• Self-work

• Topics relevant to setting up in practice

• Test and Case Study Format

We also include lots of tips and hints on handling clients and working with their issues, lots of examples from our own experiences and demonstrations of new techniques as they are introduced.

The 2 day course is followed by an open book examination and submission of case studies to attain the title AAMET EFT practitioner.
This course has been validated for insurance purposes by IPTI.

After the 2 day training you are welcome to attend our mentoring days which provide support and advice as you move into practice and a chance to network with other practitioners at levels 2 and 3.

We offer a full back-up and advice service to all students for as long as they need it plus CPD opportunities to expand knowledge and experience.

SUBJECTS: complementary therapy, EFT, Energy Psychology, holistic work, Personal Development, Practitioner level, Self-work

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