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12 May 2023

bay area energy koll circle san jose ca Today, the term renewable energy is often likened to that of clean energy

. Strictly speaking, bay area energy in koll circl san jose ca the definition is different: clean energy produces no pollution , or it produces pollutants that disappear quickly. Therefore , a renewable energy is not necessarily clean and vice versa. One can cite the case of biomass . The energy from the combustion of biomass is clean provided that consumption is not excessive and allow the flora to reabsorb all of evolved carbon dioxide .
Renewable energy will not be enough to limit global warming

Clean and renewable energies are sometimes presented as a solution to the problem of global warming. This would be able to develop enough renewable energy to reduce power consumption absolute (not relative) of fossil fuels. Gold production of energy from renewable sources is limited by its performance , storage , area or the necessary infrastructure. Expressed differently, the development of renewable energy is necessary, but , according to experts [4] , is not sufficient to avoid a significant reduction of energy consumption : bay area energy koll circle san jose ca despite renewables, changes in our lifestyles are needed [5] .
geographical conditions

Renewable energy, based on the exploitation of natural phenomena, requires certain geographical conditions , such as the presence of a wind strong enough to allow the use of wind turbines. Some countries or regions may therefore be disadvantaged .

An inherent difficulty renewables is their diffuse nature and irregularity ( with the exception of geothermal energy, which is however available only where the crust is thin, such as hot springs and geysers ) . Since renewable energy sources provide a relatively low energy intensity distributed over large areas, new types of "core" are necessary to convert them into usable sources . To better understand the " low intensity over large areas ," it should be noted that to produce 1000 kWh of electricity per year ( annual per capita consumption in Western countries ), bay area energy koll circle san jose ca the owner of a house in Europe must install Cloud eight square meters of solar panels (assuming an average efficiency of 12.5%).
Wind turbines in the German countryside
Wind turbines in the German countryside
In the landscape

The construction of the necessary facilities may have an impact on the landscape. Is often cited wind , and to a lesser extent solar roofs. This is why efforts are being made to integrate these facilities into the landscape ( painting wind turbines in green but for example if the birds can distinguish !) .
Risks to wildlife

The construction of a hydroelectric dam has serious consequences : flooding entire valleys , deep modification of the local ecosystem . In addition , hydroelectric dams impede fish migration , which is a problem for the rivers of north -western North America, bay area energy koll circle san jose ca where salmon populations have been reduced significantly America.

It also accused the turbines pose a threat to birds (although wind kill 0-3 birds per year while a kilometer power line kills dozens per year , there 100 000 km in France ) . In fact , it seems that the biggest risk is for bats, which are regularly found corpses on wind power, including protected species. For now, the causes of these collisions with wind turbines are not yet clearly identified . Some thought that the movement of the blades interfere with ultrasound , but this hypothesis has not been verified.
Storage and distribution

A major problem with the energy , the transport time or space. bay area energy koll circle san jose ca This is especially true with renewable energies that depend on climate and vary greatly over time .

Solar energy and its derivatives ( wind , waterfall , etc. . ) Is not available on demand, it is necessary to compensate by having sufficient storage to the consumer , producer, or through an exchange network ( similar to the old distribution system) .

Examples of direct use of renewable energy are solar ovens, geothermal heat pumps and wind mills mechanical . Examples of indirect use, through other forms of energy are electricity generation by wind turbines or photovoltaic cells , or the production of fuels such as ethanol from biomass (see bio ) .

The use of renewable energy, which can often be produced " on the spot" , bay area energy koll circle san jose ca reduces calls to the distribution systems of electricity. An average household with a solar PV system with energy storage, and solar panels the right size , does not need to resort to external sources of electricity a few hours a week. Generalizing this example , proponents of renewable energy believe that electricity distribution systems ( high voltage power lines , transformers, ... ) should be smaller and easier to control.

In highly industrialized countries, most consumers and energy producers are connected to an electricity network that can provide a trade across a country or between countries. A highly interconnected network in continental scale would , provided they are properly sized and managed to reduce the risks of production and consumption , bay area energy koll circle san jose ca thanks to the proliferation of sources of production and collection of available time slots for different use. The problem of intermittency of wind and become less critical (see discussion on wind energy) . Diversification of sources could also allow interesting complementarities.
Economic and organizational constraints

The practical implementation must comply with market constraints . The logic of funds is not always a logical investment .

The economic agents are dispersed. We must collect and imagine conditions suitable organization : chain contracts , local contracts ... Everything remains to be done to the definition of industrial sectors .

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