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School of Everything matches up local teachers and learners. We want everyone to be able to find the right person to learn from, whatever they want to learn.

Sign up for your free account, create your teaching profile in two minutes, and new students contact you. It's that simple.

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School of Everything gives people a place to offer their skills or post requests for learning - an online version of the poster in a shop window or on a café noticeboard. Whatever you teach, you can use the site to advertise your services for free.

To join up, first register as a user - then add your teaching profile, listing your skills, interests and experience.

Once your profile is created, we give you a simple web address:


Your profile will appear in search engine results when someone searches for your subject in your area. Prospective students contact you through the School of Everything messaging system, which alerts you immediately by email.

You can add new information to your teaching profile as often as you want. Or just wait for new students to start contacting you!


Image: Learner Driver by Jo-H

How come it's free?

Right now, we're funded by a group of organisations and individuals interested in education - including Channel 4 Education and the Young Foundation (the charity which carries on the work of Michael Young, founder of the Open University).

Our longer term plan is to add optional "paid for" services, like an online payment system for teachers who want their students to set up regular automated payments.

But we'll always keep it free for teachers and learners to list themselves and contact each other - because the more people there are using the site, the better it works for everyone.

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