How can I promote my teaching profile online?

Your School of Everything teaching profile is your unique public webpage and is accessible directly from the internet - meaning that there are many ways a potential student can find their way to it. There are lots of little tricks you can use to make sure your teaching profile has the best possible chance of getting found, whether via other websites or via search engines.

You'll get lots more students if you link to your page from other websites like MySpace, Facebook and social bookmarking websites like and Digg. Use the 'Share' widget on your teacher page to add it to these sites quickly.

You can also link to it from your blog or personal website, if you have one, or from the sites of the organisations you belong to. And of course, you can always e-mail your profile to friends and colleagues and ask them to pass it on.

As your teaching profile is in the public domain, it gets 'read' by search engines like Google. So if you want a better chance of being found when someone's searching for you, it pays to make your page easy for machines to read too.

1) List all the subjects you teach in the 'Subjects' space. Make sure they're separated by commas, so the computer recognises them as separate subjects.
2) Name your subjects again in your 'About' or 'Classes' text. This way you'll maximise your chances of getting found both through search and also by people browsing the 'Related subjects' links.
3) Make sure you include lots of words describing what you teach - for example, for a French teacher you might want to make sure your teacher page text included the words 'French', 'Language', 'teaching', 'teacher', 'A Levels', 'GCSEs', 'tutor' and so on. (If you're really dedicated, you can use Google's free keyword tool to suggest some popular words.)
4) Include all the major places you teach in the "where do you teach" field, so people searching for locations near you can find your profile. So if lots of people are searching for, say, "weaving teachers in Bristol", make sure you have "weaving" and "Bristol" mentioned in your profile. (Assuming you teach weaving in Bristol that is.)

We also work hard to make sure this website and all the profile pages get good listings on search engines, and we promote the site, and therefore your profile, through our blogging, press articles and marketing activities promoting School of Everything.

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