Experience the incredible trail of the Mt Aconcagua expedition

Who would know trek to Aconcagua Mountain better than us? Well everyone knows that Acomara Aconcagua Expeditions is an inbound tour operator primly located in Mendoza, specialized in trekking, hiking and climbing adventures. Driven by an unprecedented passion to commemorate unforgettable guided trekking and hiking trips across the Andes. Our diverse cultural knowledge about Mendoza will not only assist you to overcome hectic travel rituals, but also bring you to unique understanding and heightened perceptions. Our skilled experienced climbers strive to minimize hazardous environmental impact while maximizing your adventure- they are highly passionate guides who are dedicated to turning your wish into reality.
Acomara Aconcagua Expeditions is not only based on passionate guided tours, trustworthiness, and genuineness but also designed with time-management skills. From impromptu landscape displays, the array of remote trails veritable wilderness to adverse weather, our flexible itineraries drive to flourish whatever comes our touring way. With our guiding professionals, you will learn a lot about the environment and indigenous culture.
Have a look at our curated options as we offer our travelers mountainous-adventures with a small footprint. Meanwhile, get into the virtual tour over Normal Route, Aconcagua and Polish Glacier Route, Aconcagua:

Normal Route, Aconcagua
Combined with spectacular food, passionate/experienced guides, and an unsurpassed tour set make this journey the ultimate Aconcagua hike experience. For those with summit aspiration, this non-technical route, termed as Normal Route, Aconcagua is less complex with spectacular sites. You will be definitely amazed by the three sets of altitude camps for superior stay: Plaza Canadá, Nido de Cóndores, and Berlín or Cólera for travelers to aim genuine nocturnal beauty of the landscapes.

Polish Glacier Route, Aconcagua
Follow the trail of the Polish Glacier Route, Aconcagua, and experience the magic of the enormous Aconcagua Mountain landscape for themselves. Of course, you will allow participating in Aconcagua Base Camp via 3 guided destination trails: Polish Glacier Traverse Route (or False Polish Route), Guanacos Route and Polish Glacier Route (Original or Direct variants), a perfect and tough hike for the passionate explorers. Read more


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