THE QUANTUM SERIES -Public & Private Workshops on Discovery

THE QUANTUM SERIES -Public & Private Workshops on Discovery

***Discovering The Art and Science of Healing & Oneness

Where spirituality meets science. This is a bridge between the yin and yang of life, your inner and outer selves. You will learn the science and practice the art behind healing, channelling, colours, sounds, emotions and crystals. Learn the mechanisms behind ‘blessing water’, ‘programming crystals’ and ‘healing’ and how to use crystals, nature and foods to harmonise your self.

You will channel information from your sub and unconscious self into your consciousness. Tune into the eternal platform and become who you always have been, but never known you were. This is a practical learning opportunity for you to reflect onto yourself, become aware of and let go of the issues, mental, emotional and spiritual that bind your life and hold you back.

***Discovering the Science of Energy Medicine

Learn where emotional and mental memory is stored in the body and how it is released. With the work of the leading biologists and physicist, we will review how the mind and body interact with the zero point field or quantum vacuum.

You will also experience generating and utilising quantum fields, through the body, to code & decode waves of information to heal and grow awareness and wisdom. Witness the evidence and research for yourself. Understand how energy (information) moves continuously inside and outside the body.

***Psycho Harmonics: The Mental Yoga of Self Awareness

You are hooked to your own memories and emotional experience and use these to guide your behaviors and feelings throughout life. Often these can lead you into cycles of habitual behavior you would like to be free from.

It is in the awareness of one’s own hooks that true freedom can be found. We will carry out exercises designed to identify your own and other’s ‘body tells’ or ‘emotional anchors’. Experience a quick release mechanism that will leave yourself and your clients in the immediate position to let go of years (even centuries) of encoded emotional response.

***Pulsed Unified Reflection (PUR)

Created by Mark Abadi this is a brand new set of techniques that allows for the release of stored memories within the cellular living matrix. You can use the person needing healing to heal themselves.
Based on the universal understanding that the best healer is the client themselves, this reflective process sets up standing wave communication within the client’s own body, helping them help themselves.

This technique utilises ‘the moment’, removing consciousness from the illusion journey into time and encouraging reflection of the moment to the consciousness. In so doing there is an opportunity presented to allow the consciousness to release habit response. It is so simple that it needs a great deal of practice to stop ‘try doing’ and start ‘just being’!

***Transcending your Archetypal Type -The Paradox of Consciousness

Everything you know is an illusion of duality (two things) You can not as a Human imagine anything that is alone and without a border, this is the Illusion. There is a part of you that exists in the oneness. This part has no two (me and not me) it is just you – without an edge.

You can experience this and in doing so experience god, within yourself.

This is not in anyway a religious experience but an actual experience.

You will then engage in ‘Vision Questing’, which is an exploratory quest into your own subconscious. V-Questing is a guided meditative journey into the subconscious of your own mind, drawing your own conclusions from the structure of images & items that display themselves.

‘It is the uncomfortable duty of the Ego to let go of the ego’

***Environmental Harmonics: Toxins & Quantum Consciousness

Learn how your environment blends with your own vibration –how you can either flow with the vibration or clash with it.

Learn the effects of EM smog and how to counteract them, daily exercises in meditation and strengthening of your aura field.

Learn how to charge and program crystals you will understand the nature of water memory and how the unique property of water enables you to store memories in the body.

***Music & Vibration: Sacred Geometry & Consciousness

Every sound has a vibration and an subsequent effect on your specific vibration – what is music – how does it heal – Why do we like different types of music at different times in our life? The musical harmonics of mathematics control not only the spin of the universe but also our DNA.

What effect on sound vibration do sacred spaces have (religious temples etc)?

Understand the essence and resonant harmonics of sacred spaces and why they are the best places to touch god.

***Being Still & Becoming Mindful – Stress, Meditation & Self Awareness

You await discovery!
Have you ever had an emotion? Have you ever been had by one?

Experience the art of stillness. Acquire the daily practice that is needed for you to rebalance your own system. Bring stillness into your being and allow the pressure of life stressors to trickle over you.

Meditation techniques have been used for millennia to calm and focus the body and mind. Gain back control and be aware of rushing emotions before they explode into the world. Increase awareness of your own body & mind through the experience of stillness.

***Mastering your Auria and Energy Field

Auric Hygiene is the understanding that events happen in your energy system before they physically manifest. Your Aura is an energy field that become less and less physically dense as it moves away form the body – however as this happens it becomes more sensitive to disturbances outside the normal conscious mind.

You will learn how to become aware of energetic systems of consciousness and those things physical, psychological and spiritual that can effect our harmony including crystals, electromagnetic smog, feng sui, vastu and chemical poisons.

Learn about Energy Fields (AURAS), Energy Vessels (MERIDIANS & NADIS), Energy Centres (CHAKRAS), The Energy Matrix (Quantum Vacuum / Zero Point Field), and how Information is communicated through these structures (Torsion fields & Scalar Waves)
Learn how to protect your energy systems and maintain health and well being.

***Integrated Holistic Practice

How do you deliver a truly holistic medicine service? Combine all your knowledge to piece together the holistic puzzle and reflect it back to your client.
Learn how to achieve your goals without breaking your morals. Experience a deeper more holistic understanding of communication through NLP techniques & body language.
Explore instincts and interpretation of inner knowledge

***Who do you think you are?

Exploring the limits and boundaries of consciousness. Where does your identity exist and does it ever change?

We will explore the philosophy of consciousness and the nature nurture debate. Investigating the origins of thoughts and beliefs.

Exploring the power of attraction and the body physics behind it. How do people entrain with each other?

What is really going on behind the scenes? Find out!

***Living Space – You beyond the moment!

– a practical guided experience into the unbounded space inside your being – beyond self and ego limits.
Practical guided meditation will lead you into an experience of space itself. Altering your movement in a rhythmic flow, you will experience the moment more clearly you will gain speed and accuracy in your daily life.

Engage in self discovery exercises such as MeMoFlection, a yoga for the mind technique that will enable you to discover and free yourself from previously unknown anchors.

Channel wisdom and synchronicity from the space between your actions. Where thinking ceases to rein is where you begin!

Learn the art of being mindful of your emotional reactions, feeling able to be still with the feeling of acceptance rather then react being had by an emotion. Turn your weakness around into a strength to help others.

  • I teach from home (or a fixed venue)
  • I travel to students

Rates depend on class size and cause - Usually £450 1/2 day and £700 full day -althoough happy to make individual arrangements for individual groups

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