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I will cover the principles of 'high tango'. Each two hour lesson will consist of a principle and its practice. On the third lesson, the student will be dancing with partners at a social dance.

The principles are posture, contract of engagement, and music.

There are associated techniques with each principle. We will also determine the best learning conditions for the student by diagnosing specific weaknesses and strengths.

Initially, it is a good idea we meet. If in the first meeting, the conditions are right in the learner, we will proceed with the first lesson. If not, we can part company with no charge. The most important condition is an open mind, and the ability to learn abstractly. I am teaching the principles here, not specific moves. It requires a certain level of abstraction as well as an equivalent level of motivation. In order to get the most of out of the experience, to see it through to the end, the student promises not to dance tango between the first and the third lesson. That is, once embarked upon, the student has promised themselves they will get to the end of it, and thus the challenges they encounter in practicing a technique is entirely in them. I, as a teacher, do not have to persuade or worry. I simply show what is possible, and it is for the student to carry out to the best of their abilities. That is, to see it to its completion.

The third lesson will be just before a milonga, and the student will be introduced to various partners who might provide the experiential insight if we haven't managed thus far. This is particularly the case for teaching males, since there are few males willing to give themselves to another male.

If tango is found, then the job is done! The student will not need any further 'official' lessons from me or anyone else. They will learn where they are meant to learn -- in the arms of a partner on the dance floor, enjoying and exploring the beauty and mystery of tango.

  • I travel to students

Daytime, Evenings

HOW LONG: 2 Hours

LEVEL: Intermediate

SUBJECTS: tango nuevo

three two-hour lessons, each £30... negotiable

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