Private Tuition

Taiji (Tai Chi)
San Bao School provides private tuition in the following Taiji: -

Yang Style - Short Form
16 Posture Taiji
24 Posture Taiji
Tuition can take place in your own home, here in our conservatory, or in a venue of your choice.

Qigong (Chi Kung)
San Bao School have added a new subject to the private tuition portfolio.........qigong (chi kung). With over twenty years of experience in qigong, our expertise makes it possible for you to "experience from experience".

Lessons include: -

The Taiji Shibashi
Enhanced Taiji Shibashi
Embroidered Brocade
Listening to the qi (passive awareness)
Circulating the qi

Martial Arts
Our Neijia Quan and Taiji Quan classes are based on the soft overcoming the hard. This tuition is carried out by Des Lawton and draws on over 30 years of martial arts experience. Depending on the level of knowledge/experience of the student, Des starts by teaching the overt applications from the Taiji forms and gradually introduces the more covert ones.

Self Defence
San Bao School provides self-defence lessons on a private tuition basis. These are not martial arts lessons (although we also provide this service) where the goal is to master an art.......these are no-nonsense techniques that are designed to be used in real situations, not in a dojo or competition. Tuition is from experienced self-defence teachers who have constructed a course of lessons that enable the client to gain confidence and ability in a shorter time frame.


Prevention & Avoidance
Awareness & Self Confidence
Fear & its Effects – adrenaline & how to make use of it
Strike Effectively
Self-defence and the Law
Awareness & posture
Psychological defence
Wrist hold escapes
Clothing hold escapes
Arm hold escapes
Choke hold escapes
Hair hold escapes
Using your voice effectively
Finger locks
Wrist locks
Arm locks Shoulder locks
Choke holds
Take down methods
Body weapons – effective strikes
Utilising weapons to hand
Defence against blunt weapons
Defence against knives
Tuition can take place in your own home, here in our conservatory, or in a venue of your choice.

Personal Fitness
The San Bao School Personal Fitness programme is aimed at people who are unfit and who want to get fitter, not at those who are already fit and want to become super-humans. If the idea of joining a health club is unappealing to you, for whatever reason, then one-to-one sessions with us may be the answer. Our programme is your programme - tailored to suit you, however unfit. So, if it is general fitness, cardiovascular, stamina, etc., just contact us for details of how we can help change your life.

San Bao School private tuition is on a ten week/session, block booking basis and can also be purchased as a gift voucher.

  • I teach from home (or a fixed venue)
  • I travel to students

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