Weight Loss Counseling

There is no better place for examining your eating habits than your own home. We will discuss food buying and consumption behaviors that will set you on course for safe and stable weight loss. We will discuss strategies for dining out, and increase your knowledge on nutrition. Most importantly, we will explore your mindset around food and strive together to modify how faulty cognitions around food and eating might be preventing you from achieving the health and body you desire.

To round out services, we’ll process beliefs and emotions around body image and the effect of self-worth, internal dialogue, and self-efficacy on weight management. How you form opinions and beliefs around your body determines a lot about how you will then behave in treating your body. You’ll be amazed at the power that your own mind has in keeping you from your goals and, together, we’ll bring congruence to your emotions and actions.

My in-home training sessions are a full 60 minutes in length. We will spend that time on activities that will help you get stronger, looser, steadier, and more comfortable in making healthy choices in the kitchen and in restaurants. I have multiple strategies for increasing your knowledge and ability in all of these areas.

To increase your strength, lean body mass, flexibility and balance, I will direct you through exercises using resistance tubes, a stability ball, resistance bands, a floor mat, dumbbells and any equipment you already possess. We can add additional equipment as needed.

Cardio-respiratory exercises will be utilized in-session depending on available equipment and weather (if outdoors) and will serve to increase health and accelerate weight loss. Expect walking, at a minimum, to be emphasized.

  • I teach from home (or a fixed venue)
  • I travel to students

10 sessions @ $60 per session = $600 5 sessions @ $65 per session = $325 1 session @ $70 per session = $70 Special per-session rate for Plymouth, MA residents.

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