Feldenkrais Method 'Functional Integration' lessons

Functional Integration lessons are specifically designed for use in an individual setting.
The gentle hands-on form of the method allows the teacher to work closely with you to meet your particular needs, and can be especially useful when recovering from injury or illness, or as an alternative to classes if you have severely restricted movement, or during pregnancy.
During a lesson, you lie on a low table, fully clothed, while your teacher moves you gently, in a non-manipulative way, through simple movements based around a functional theme. The pace and range of the movements are guided at all times by your comfort. Each session creates new and varied opportunities for discovering increased ease and range of action, helping to eliminate habitual patterns of muscle tension that limit comfort or freedom.
Your teacher can also help with suggestions for continuing to work on your own at home.

  • I teach from home (or a fixed venue)

60-75 min lesson: €70

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