The basic principles of qigong 3

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Lesson 3
By now you might be noticing a difference.
We start with the movements related to basic principles to consolidate.I I watch you stretch in 5 different ways (for the 5 organs) and correct your movements. we consider using reverse abdominal breathing and feel how it affects the movements.

We continue learning another section of Wild Goose 5 for agility and flexibility. Wild Goose 5 is a short form, but the general movements can be learnt by a beginner and mastered at a later stage where a deeper knowledge and body-mind connection is required.

This is a general guide as everyone is different and needs different amounts of practise to embed the principles. The more you do, the better you get.

Qigong, like yoga, is a life long study and requires daily practice to maintain the benefits. Try to put aside 10 minutes a day when you first begin, after this lesson, you should increase your daily practice to 15 minutes. (We are aiming for 20 minutes a day as a regular practice) Not everyone wants to spend this amount of time, so even 2 minutes a day is better than none, as you progress you will naturally want to do more for the feel-good factor it brings.

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HOW LONG: 90 Minutes

LEVEL: Beginner

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