Meditation for all places and temperaments

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I would like to help you find a way into meditation based on your interests and needs.
I have over 10 years of experience with mediation, particularly in a zen and tibetan buddhist context, but also as part of various other traditions: yogas, chi-gong, sufism, christian, shamanic, martial arts.

I have travelled extensively and lived in several countries and languages, and gathered a diverse experience based on the remarkable people and places I have engaged with. This breadth of experience allows me to appreciate, warmly accept and engage with people from all walks of life, and their aspirations and issues.

My approach is non-theistic and non-dualistic. We can approach meditation in a spiritual context, a scientific one, a psychological or psychoanalytical one, educational, cultural, sociopolitical even, etc. I believe meditation is a way to expand one's contact with the world, or some greater realm, and oneself, beyond the structures and forms that we grew up and got used to: oneself and the World are one in many ways, and the interaction can be explored in many ways.

The result for you, is a sense of greater meaning, richer interaction, more opportunities, deeper relationships, better health... the benefits depend on your worldview and your objectives. Meditation is a way to engage with more aspects of the world, and that opens new opportunities in one's life. We all feel various limitations and pains at various times in our lives. We also all have experienced moments where life seems to open new ways and joys. Meditation and related activities helps to widen the scope of what we feel and are in contact with in our lives. The benefits to us will also affect the people around us, as our enlarged sense of contact and opportunity becomes part of our life, and of their life.

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  • I travel to students

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HOW LONG: 12 Hours

LEVEL: Beginner

various needs and arrangements can be discussed

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