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I aim to provide the student with the knowledge required to develop skills as a drummer to a professional standard, using a system of traditional rudiments formulated to promote essential technique, through to listening skills designed to promote musical understanding and enhanced creativity.

Drumming is unique in that we are using all four limbs to play the kit, usually at different times, to create beats that would have originally taken a number of people to play….
Think of the orchestra percussion section for example, the Timpani, cymbals and military snare drum etc. or the Latin ensemble, Conga, Quinto, Tombrero, clave, shakers etc.
Therefore doing the job of many requires skill and stamina.

There is no greater thrill than going on stage with a group of musicians knowing that your ability to perform is not hindered by lack of technique and regular practice, this gives You the drummer the confidence to communicate with the music at a higher level as you will have trained your mind to disconnect from the body, letting the rhythm and grooves flow.


The learning programme will include the following;

An introduction to the different parts of the Drum-kit.

Sticking Technique; The correct way of holding the sticks for maximum control and bounce, and how and where to strike the drum when playing.

Sticking Exercises; Snare Drum rudiments designed to promote co-ordination and independence.

Tempo and Timekeeping; Practising and playing at various speeds with the aid of a Metronome (mechanical ‘time clock’) also known as click track.

Playing to backing tracks; My project studio is equipped with a state of the art recording suite, giving me the facility to take learners through the process of miking and recording drums, thus enabling me to record the student to CD. This is an excellent feedback aid and a great way of tracking progress, and lots of fun too!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions via e-mail or telephone.

Thanks for reading,

Garry Low

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