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We are all beautiful and courageous Souls who, before taking up an incarnation, agree with God, Spirit, the Masters and our own Soul and Monad, exactly what lessons and challenges we most need to learn in the coming lifetime that will help us to achieve the goal of becoming an integrated ascended master. This goal requires that we master the habits, addictions, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, programmes, attitudes and past life karmic influences that we have accumulated throughout all of our incarnations which have been preventing us from fully anchoring this realization into our consciousness and earthly life.

These life challenges do vary from person to person depending on what we each most need. Therefore, they can manifest in the form of health challenges, emotional challenges, mental challenges, financial challenges, business challenges, relationship challenges, and energy challenges and so on. However, whilst at times these challenges may appear to be overwhelming, they are in no way meant as a form of punishment but are given as opportunities to develop the exact knowledge/wisdom we require so that we may enjoy increased levels of Self and God Realisation.

Every challenge we face in life can, when perceived with ascended master consciousness, be seen as a blessing and divine opportunity and what’s more, we don’t have to work through these life challenges on our own. God, Spirit, the Masters, our Higher Self and Monad are all available to help us move through our life challenges with grace so that we can fully experience the down-pouring of divine blessings they bring to us and, the increased spiritual, psychological and physical/earthly evolution and success we each deserve.

So why not allow Spirit, the Masters, Your Higher Self and Monad to offer you guidance, counseling and assistance in exploring what your specific life challenges are and what you can actively do to transcend any negative influences they may be having in your life at this time.

I currently offer Mastering Your Life Challenges Intuitive/Spiritual Coaching sessions and a Mastering Your Life Challenges Ascended Master Reading which are facilitated with the 7 Ray Masters, Lord Metatron and your own Higher Self/Monad.

The Intuitive/Spiritual Coaching Sessions are overlighted by the Masters and use the I AM University’s integrated ascension teachings and soul psychology model. The fee for this service is €180 for 3 weeks coaching and it is currently offered via email or Skype so internet access is required. A copy of the e-book Soul Psychology is also provided in the first week of the coaching programme.

The Ascended Master Reading offers you the opportunity to receive direct guidance and insight from the Masters into your life challenges and how you can begin to work on your consciousness more diligently in order to overcome the negative influences they may be having in your day to day life. It will be typed out and send to you via email. The fee for this service is €60.

If you would like to receive both an Ascended Master Reading and Intuitive/Spiritual Coaching your Ascended Master Reading will be done first and will then be followed by your 3 week coaching programme. There is a discounted fee of €230 for this service

To place a booking for any of these services, please email me at [email protected] and I will respond within 2 working days.

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180 for 3 weeks Spiritual/Intuitive Coaching

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