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Do you want to lose weight quickly, effectively and permanently without paying £1000’s or going under the knife??

Virtual Gastric Band procedures have been highlighted in the press and on TV a lot lately, because of their amazing success at helping obese clients lose weight. Once, you are at your ideal weight, then you have the choice to come back and have your virtual gastric band adjusted, so that you can now maintain that weight with ease.

I can help you Lose Weight effectively, safely and naturally without the need for a potentially costly or sometimes hazardous surgical procedure. How? by using a hypnotically placed virtual gastric band. The great thing is there is no invasive surgery, no potential complications, it's 100% safe and it costs a fraction of the price of full on surgery. Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis, Virtual Lap Bands and Gastric band Hypno as this procedure is also known are becoming more and more popular and have been found to be a very effective method of helping obese patients to reduce weight naturally.


What is Gastric Band Hypno?
Gastric Band Hypno is a powerful technique that uses the power of your mind to fit a "virtual gastric or lap band" to your stomach. As the band restricts the volume of food that the stomach can hold this results in a decrease of appetite and food consumption. The actual gastric band surgery
Does this procedure involve surgery?

No! A virtual gastric or lap band is a completely non-invasive procedure, using Hypnosis, NLP, CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and Nutritional Therapy

Is it painful ?
Absolutely not, you will leave feeling very relaxed and calm. Virtual Gastric Band Hypno is a very relaxing and pleasurable experience.

What about possible Complications?
A virtual Gastric Band has no side effects as it is a totally Hypnotic process and no physical intervention takes place. A Virtual Gastric Band is completely safe

Whilst hypnotised will I be aware of what is happening?
Yes, you will feel very very relaxed; you will remain in control all the way through the procedure. What we are going to do is nothing like stage or TV hypnosis. No Hypnotherapist in the world can make you do anything, unless of course you want to!

How do I find out if I'm a suitable candidate for a Virtual Gastric Band procedure?
The first thing you need is commitment to your weight loss program, as with any gastric band procedure virtual or not, there are rules you have to adhere to for it to be successful. This procedure is for clients who have a BMI of 30 or above, however you may still be suitable if your's is over 25, so use the BMI calculator here. If you meet those two criteria, the next step is a consultation to discuss your weight, eating habits and lifestyle. The results of which will outline your suitability.

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