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This will be low pressure, we'll have the entire resources of my Dojo to ourselves. Quiet, peaceful and tranquil.

I hold a second degree black belt, certified by the Kukkiwon Headquarters of the World Taekwondo Federation in Seoul, South Korea. I am covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance. I have been training for 10 years, and teaching for 2 years, adults and children. I run my own, very successful club, and I also give private lessons, and have a number of private clients. I teach at a summer school for children every June, and I am regularly requested to train specialist groups, working alongside the Ethnic Minority Law Centre.

Any form of martial arts training will boost your inner game and confidence, and bring out the true potential which is inside you. However, I believe Taekwondo stands out from most martial arts, and you will discover why, when you complete your first private lesson with me.

If you haven't tried taekwondo before, this can be an ideal opportunity for you, or are already training in martial arts, this can supplement your training.

Among my current students, I teach an MMA fighter and a boxer. They realise the benefits of adding taekwondo techniques to their repertoire. The boxer described my training as on the 'next level' from boxing.

The training will be tailored to what you want to achieve. It will focus on practical streetfighting, competition sparring and self-defense, including defense against knife attacks.

The style of Taekwondo we will practise will be World Taekwondo Federation, which is recognised by the International Olympic Committee. Rest assured, you will be learning a recognised Taekwondo style.

Some of the things you will learn:

Real Kicking - Working on both speed and power, using equipment, speed pads, heavy bags and training dummies.

Footwork - Being able to gauge distance and moving out of harm's way.

Knife Defense - Essential basics of defending against an armed opponent. You will learn how to use stance and distance to your advantage, evade, change the line of attack, control the knife arm, restrain, lock, and finish your attacker.

Full Contact Sparring - This is optional. The chance to test your skills.

Meditation and Dan Gung Breathing - Taekwondo is incomplete without medidation and special Korean breathing. We will do this at the end of every session.

No uniform needed, just wear tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt.

If interested, drop me a message here or email me at: [email protected]

Ahsan Mustafa

  • I teach from home (or a fixed venue)
  • I travel to students

Mornings, Evenings, Week days

HOW LONG: 1 Hours

LEVEL: Beginner

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