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Teaching Experience

I bean teaching at the age of twelve, and although this was on a relatively small scale; (teaching local young children) this experience gave me a base from which to work with, and the older I got, the more I was able to experiment, and observe how the idea of the violin and indeed music itself develops within a student.

As I became more experienced, the pupils I began to attract became older, and as a result, the challenge of initiating musical thought in beginners was replaced by that of developing and refining it in intermediate students. This I find most enjoyable, as I feel in this direction, it is extremely important to be able to get the best out of a student, in order for him or her to progress to the utmost of their potential. There are many factors to this- not all of them technical; and I feel that this is something that most teachers I have come across myself (and indeed discussed teaching techniques with) manage to overlook.

Teaching Philosophy

Being able and having the capacity to give people the gift of music is an honour of which I am reminded often, and one which I delight in sharing with all my students.

Precisely because of the fact that the learning capacity and aptitude (or natural talent) of a student will vary from individual to individual, from nature to nurture and from adult to child; a good teacher is like a more like a coach and less like an instructor.

A good teacher has to have a sound knowledge of a range of techniques, and be able to quickly assess their students’ natural strengths and weaknesses. Selecting the most appropriate manner of playing the violin as far as the individual is concerned, the teacher must then work to tailor the method according to the natural inclinations and strengths of the student. A good teacher always selects the right cut according to the cloth.

In this way, the good teacher will develop an understanding of the individual; their needs, their hopes and their ambitions - who they are, and what they wish to achieve. In working towards goals, a well deserved sense of fulfillment and achievement is sparked within the student. The art of violin is by no means an easy discipline; yet sharing in and creating music through this timelessly popular medium yields endless joy and satisfaction.

With the right approach, the right motivator - the right teacher; that joy and achievement can be placed directly into the palms of your hands, for not only you but others to enjoy too.

As far as any extra curricular activities would be concerned, I am very fortunate to be a retired semi professional and international footballer. It is possible to see me registered on
I have coached both football and cricket to a very high level, and enjoyed a reasonable amount of success at both. Had I not experienced the joys of the musical arts so thoroughly; and desired so much to impart that experience to others, it is certain I would have continued to develop my career as a footballer. I also have taught formal drawing and painting lessons, and run cultural workshops, exhibitions and wine tastings on the theme of Western Traditional Art. Examples of my work can be seen at

Finally, my position as a graduate of the Academy places me ideally for teaching, in that in addition to my own experience and ideas, I am able to submit the experience and innovations of other famous and extremely able teachers. I have also obtained my teaching diploma (LRAM). I feel that as a result of this, the method of instruction I provide is a composite of personal and received experience; which being presented in a clear and concise form is most beneficial to both the student and your organization. For more teaching information, please visit and click on the teaching section.

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