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£20 / Hour or £100 for full day 10am - 6pm

Do you have an idea for a song but aren't able to play and record all of the instruments? Do you want to record a high quality demo but don't have the facilities at home or the money to pay for a full recording studio?

I am able to turn your musical ideas into professional quality recordings that you can send to promoters, record labels, concert venues and band mates.

Here's how it works:

You arrive with an idea for a song.

If necessary I'll help you iron out your ideas and turn them into fully formed songs.

We record the basic outline of the song using Pro Tools software.

Using my vast collection of software synthesizers and samples we arrange the rest of the band. From realistic sounding drums to keyboards, brass and guitar. Virtually anything is possible!

We record a final vocal before mixing and mastering what we've got.

How does it sound? Download examples here:

Each of these examples was completed in about an hour.

I have a BA(Hons) Sound Technology and work as a studio engineer at Parr St Studios. Most artists I work with will demo their music before they even think about recording an album.

The quality of these recordings can be considered very high demo quality. This service is very similar to how I work with Wiley, demoing songs before taking them into the studio.

If you'd like more information I'm happy to answer questions :)

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£20 / Hour or £100 for full day 10am - 6pm

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