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A lot of adult beginners feel really nervous about starting piano lessons. It makes sense. As adults, we're used to being "good at things". We know how to take care of ourselves, run our home (sort of anyway, if you're anything like me!!), manage our career, be proficient in our job, and pay our bills. Starting to learn a new skill can feel a bit like wandering off into the jungle. Although the unknown is undoubtedly frightening, it can also be very exciting. I think that as we grow older, it's really important to keep hold of that magical something that comes with learning something new.

I let the student guide what sort of styles they're aiming for. Some want a mixture of everything, some want a classical training, some want anything but classical! All are fine with me. I usually teach students how to read music too so that eventually they won't need me anymore, and ultimately will be able to walk into a music shop, pick up the piece of their choice, and take it home and play it. How I teach the reading of music is again up to the student. Some opt for a need to know basis, whilst others are interested in knowing more about the theory behind the music they're playing - either classical or popular music theory. Because of my training and experience, I'm lucky enough to be able to support any of these learning styles.

I hope that what my lessons give are a comfortable environment in which to develop a technique at the piano which allows freedom when exploring music. There really isn't such a thing as a stupid question. And without mistakes, no progress can ever be made! If there's one thing I'd like to pass on to adult beginners, whether they come to me or lessons or not, it's that every mistake made is not a step back - it's a step forward on your journey.

  • I teach from home (or a fixed venue)

Mornings, Daytime, Evenings, Week days, Weekends

HOW LONG: 1 Hours

LEVEL: Beginner

SUBJECTS: Music, piano

£25 per hour, or £15 per half hour

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