Fly Fishing for beginners

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Option 1 - Trout fishing - specifically for beginners - at my designated fly fishery
£50.00 all inclusive. (£25.00 per additional person)
An “introduction to fly fishing” 2 hour lesson, includes all equipment (Hardy/Greys rods, reels and lines) fishing permits, use of video/photos, comprehensive tuition notes and tea or coffee on arrival.

1/ Explanation of all the equipment used in fly fishing.
• AFTM ratings, what they are and how to get a balanced outfit.
• Matching the tackle to the type of fly fishing you intend doing. What to buy and what to avoid.
• Rod actions – which is the best for you?
• Reels – what choices are available.
• Lines – different profiles and densities.
• Leaders – choice of material, spools and tapered leaders
• Knots – when to use and how to tie.
• Flies – different categories, what do they do? I will take all the mystery out of the vast array of flies that are available.
• Basic still-water entomology.

2/ Casting – the basic overhead cast and roll cast
• Basic safety – yours and others
• The “pick-up-and-lay-down” cast. This is the foundation cast of overhead casting. We will cover stance, grip, arm and body movement. If you are not correctly set-up casting is very difficult to do properly.
• The mechanics of the cast – breaking the cast down to the important components.
• Practise makes perfect – how to diagnose your own casts in order to improve.
• The Roll cast – The other foundation cast of fly casting. Stance, grip arm and body movement and the mechanics. This cast enables you to fish in front of obstacles – trees, embankments etc.

3/ Fly Fishing – how, where and when
• Watercraft and the Weather – when you arrive at a fishery – where do you start? Which tactics do you adopt? How does the weather effect fishing? How do you ensure success?
• Retrieving the fly – imparting movement to the fly to entice trout.
• Catching fish – what to do
• Releasing or despatching trout properly.

  • I teach from home (or a fixed venue)

Mornings, Daytime, Week days, Weekends

HOW LONG: 2 Hours

LEVEL: Beginner

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