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Why choose one to one Yoga?

You might want to start one to one Yoga for a number of different reasons. Here are a few reasons why people choose one to one yoga:

To deepen the practice. You might like to have the extra attention to help you take your practice further or to gain a greater understanding of the practice. Sometimes it can be very helpful to encourage you to develop a self-practice based on your individual practice needs. A personalised one to one yoga session can be a very effective way to progress your yoga practice quickly and help you to achieve the things you would like to achieve.

Time and Convenience. If you have a very busy life, you might not have the time to attend a class or cannot find a class that suits your schedule. A one to one yoga class can work around your schedule so that you can learn at a time or on a day that suits you. Home visits are available so you can practice at home without having the extra hassle of going to a class. You can make a lot of progress by taking one 1-2-1 class per week and practicing what you have learnt when you have the spare time.

Confidence. It is very common for people to feel underconfident in coming to a class and some people like to only do one to one yoga sessions. One to one yoga can offer a practice that addresses your specific needs and enables you to work and progress at your own pace. One to one yoga allows the teacher to give their maximum support to you as a student.

Therapeutic. Yoga can be extremely helpful for therapeutic needs. There are many conditions which can be alleviated with yoga practice and it may not always be appropriate to attend a group class. As well as an extensive knowledge in other areas, Chris has a specialist interest in the area of yoga for low back pain and has studied with some of the worlds leading teachers in yoga therapeutic techniques.

A bit of indulgence! A practice that is tailored to you can be a wonderful experience. It can be equally rewarding to meet, share and study with other people in a class but the heart of yoga practice is to aim to have a postive individual experience that eventually will have a lasting effect. A one to one yoga session or block of sessions can be a great way to do something special either for yourself or to give as a gift to somebody close to you.

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5 for £150 and prices may be negotiable for long-term bookings. Also available to teach in London and across East Sussex.

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