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Buteyko courses for adults and children.

Buteyko works by teaching people to control their breathing. This can help to overcome feelings of shortness of breath through asthma, panic, COPD and anxiety.

At each consultation you will be guided through breathing exercises and advised on how best to manage your condition. Most people will need 5 lessons, each lasting around 1 hour, to fully understand and properly practise the techniques. Lessons are usually weekly, but can be arranged to suit your circumstances.
Fees: Adult First session £40. Subsequent sessions £35
Child (8 – 18 years) iFirstvsession £30. Subsequent sessions £25

Please feel welcome to telephone to discuss whether Buteyko could be a good choice for you.

What people say about Buteyko
"I just wanted to let you know that since taking up Buteyko, I have only used my inhaler once in what must be nearly two years. Thank you Janet” Elise G

"As her mother I saw Gabi realise that she did have some control over the asthma for probably the first time in her life. A very positive outcome Thank you!” Julie M (mother of Gabi)

"Buteyko has encouraged Alex to be more independent. He seems to have matured since learning Buteyko, it’s something only he can do to control his asthma" Jackie St J

"By learning to breathe correctly I have learnt to accept and deal with COPD. I have not looked back since, and continue to maintain good control” Diana W

“I would emphasize the hope it’s given me that with Buteyko I can permanently turn around and break the vicious circle of drug dependency using this pro-active approach to management of severe asthma. “Chi P

Buteyko is recommended by the British Thoracic Society for the control of asthma symptoms. British Guideline for the Management of Asthma January 2012

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