Womb Wellness Coaching

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Do you struggle with PMS, painful cramps or heavy menstrual bleeding?

Is your life being blighted by the side effects of fibroids, PCOS or endometriosis?

Then please read on to find out how I can help you begin to heal these conditions and states of dis-ease in as little as 3 treatments.

Are you tired of…

…monthly mood swings, bloating, break outs of acne?

…not knowing when your next menstrual cycle will be or how difficult it will be?

…menstrual cramps which leave you feeling exhausted and incapacitated?

…not knowing when your next menstrual cycle will be?

…heavy bleeding which leaves you wary (or unable to) of leaving your house for fear of having an 'accident'?

…your fibroids, endometriosis or PCOS causing so much disruption in your life?

…then you need to experience my unique Womb Wellness Coaching programme today.

In as little as 6 hours, you can stop living your life in pain, agony, discomfort and not knowing if or when your next monthly cycle will arrive.

What healing will occur for you? You will…

…begin to have less painful or no menstrual discomfort/cramps

…begin to have more regular, predictable menstrual cycles

…gain a better understanding of how your body and mind have created this state of dis-ease

…gain a better understanding of how to take care of yourself to maintain vibrant health and wellness

…gain clarity on the reasons why you have been suffering with this condition for so long

…begin to make changes to your core belief patterns, allowing you to make positive changes in all areas of your life

What do you get with these Womb Wellness Coaching sessions?

*THREE 1:1 Coaching/Treatment Sessions ~ Every 7-10 days, you will meet with Renee to have a tailor made sound healing and coaching session. These are designed to identify and clear energy blocks or patterns of behaviour, as well as help you identify and begin to change core belief patterns.

*Simple 'homeplay' tasks ~ These are designed to help you continue integrating the healing that takes place in each Coaching/Treatment.

*Follow up Coaching Call ~ Designed to ensure your healing process is going well and to allow you the opportunity to ask any questions or have any concerns clarified. This session will also allow for discussion on whether you would benefit from further or ongoing treatments.

As you can see, this is a hands on approach to YOUR PERSONAL HEALING JOURNEY which involves your personal commitment as well as mine.

When you choose to join me for this Womb Wellness Coaching programme, you will have my full commitment to your healing journey for the duration of the programme.

I invite you to get in touch today to learn more about how these Womb Wellness Coaching sessions can help transform your life.

  • I teach from home (or a fixed venue)
  • I travel to students

Mornings, Daytime, Evenings, Week days, Weekends

HOW LONG: 1.25 Hours

£125 for first session, £100 for subsequent sessions; SPECIAL price of £247 if pay in full when book 3 sessions.

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