Recording and Computer Music Production

Theory, knowledge and technical orientation-
Microphone techniques, introduction to the mixing desk, overview of recording media including
2-inch tape and hard disk, recording acoustic and amplified instruments, Midi/synth instruments,
introduction to compression/noise gates and basic outboard gear.

Mixing and mastering-
Enhancing and refining midi files, equalization, compression and creative use of outboard and plugins,
transferring audio to Logic, editing audio and automation in Logic, mixing from analogue 2 inch
24 track, use of multi-band compression, EQ and limiters for mastering, mastering to CD

DJing, Direct drive and digital turntable skills-
Direct drive turntables or TRAKTOR 3, Discover the potential of TRAKTOR 3 and blend a new dimension of creativity into your mix.

  • I teach from home (or a fixed venue)
  • I travel to students

£25 Per Hour

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