Private Yoga classes

Private Class tailored for your Ayurvedic Type/ Symptoms (90 minutes): Come as an individual or share the class with a friend/ partner. After an consultation to assess the state of dosha imbalance, clients are advised on the best postures and practices, leading to a deepened awareness. Tailored handouts also provided for home practice. For example:

1. Vata types should focus on slower Sun Salutes; leg lifting; Camel; Cobra; and Cat. Alternate nostril breathing can help balance Vata.
2. Pitta typesbenefit from cooling Moon Salutes; Fish; Boat; and Bow. Cooling shitali breaths can help with heat, irritation, inflammation and anger.
3. Kapha types need fast Sun Salutes and postures such as Bridge; Peacock; Tree; and Lion. Bhastrika pranayama and Kappalabhati are good.

  • I teach from home (or a fixed venue)


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