Guitar for Intermediates

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Genres, Styles and Guitar Techniques
- Once you have gained a good understanding of the foundations, we will then be able to examine and play some of your favourite songs and examine some of the different styles and genres of western popular music such as folk, blues, jazz and rock, and their relevant techniques.

Lead Guitar and Improvisation
- Those wishing to go beyond rhythm guitar will be able to do so, examining their favourite players riffs, runs and solos while learning any relevant scales and arpeggios.This ties in closely with Styles, Genres and Guitar Techniques as each musical genre has its own specific lead guitar style with specific scales, arpeggios and rules. Once you have gained the knowledge of various scales and styles you will then be able to attempt to make up your own riffs and runs and start to form your own style, so that you will eventually be able to improvise on the spot
in the moment.

Music Theory
- Most people approach the word 'Theory' with caution but a good understanding of music theory should add to the quality and standard of your playing and becomes essential once you get to a certain level if you wish to progress. Initially, we would look at issues such as chord formulas (what makes a chord a chord), scale formulas and rhythmic sub-division (breaking down the beat).

Songwriting and Composition
- In Songwriting we will examine songs written by some of your favourite artists and by some of the most well respected and revered songwriters of all time. By using your knowledge of musical theory you will be able to break down songs and examine their structure and form, and why they have the appeal they do.

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HOW LONG: 1 Hours

LEVEL: Intermediate

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