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philosophy essay writing help, from A-level to Higher education.

Send me the essay prior to the lesson and I shall review it and proof read it. We will then spend an hour going over the essay; testing your arguments, checking your facts and analysing your structure.

Course work and essays are easy to get right and there are so often small simple things that are stopping you from getting the mark or grade you deserve.

I will not review half finished essays, nor will I write any of the essay for you. I will suggest avenues to explore and suggest changes is overall structure and sometimes sentence structure, but the finished article will be all your own work.

I ask for essays to be submitted a week prior to the lesson time, however if you have left things a bit late and have your deadline looming, I can negotiate quick turn around.

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Evenings, Weekends

HOW LONG: 1 Hours

LEVEL: Intermediate

£15 for one essay of up to 2,500 words. Longer essays will be charged on a sliding scale

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